I normally don’t even think about doing things like this but since my brother was told he had cancer about 2 years ago and my both my grandmas also being told they have cancer recently I thought it was time to actually give back more than I already am.

I’m actually really excited about giving it ago mainly because I know how much junk food I eat since my work hours are always weird and somedays I just don’t feel like cooking so I tend to order Pizza or grab a burger in between my split-shift, which probably isn’t sooooo good for my bank account.

Seeing as I’m already a member of CanTeen and the support me and my brother get from them is amazing, it was time that the Cancer Society New Zealand got something back from us as well. They really helped my Nana 15 years ago when she was going through everything and even though she relapsed a couple of months ago the support is still there for her!

So please join me in this crazy month by reading my posts on the ups and downs and also I’ll be sharing recipes to help beat those junk cravings!


ALSO, if you have a chance, please donate to my profile, it would mean a lot! I’ll leave the link below.


– M x


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