This would have to be one of my favourite cakes that I’ve made in so long!

A few months back, we celebrated my Mum and best friends birthday since they share the same day and it’s always impossible to celebrate them all the time. Also, because I make cakes for people’s birthday and normally don’t get the chance to make one for my best friend I was able to make a cake this year for both of them and because they both love Pineapple Lumps, it was the great being able to add those to the cake which gave me the idea of the fountain cakes that are making the rounds at the moment.

Normally they’re made with M&Ms or Skittles, but like I said about the Pineapple Lumps, I was able to use those instead! It also wasn’t as hard to make as it looks which was a bonus and I can add this to the list of cakes I can make now.

I’ll leave a list of items that I needed and how I made the cake below,unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to take pictures for step by steps as I was rushing it due to a time factor but there’s many videos on YouTube on how to make these! I went for a simple 1 level cake but used 2 cakes to make it that bit higher and I just used ready mixed cake boxes for the cakes. Again, time had something to do with this as well as I had been busy with work during the week.

Items needed:

2x Vanilla Cake Box Mix
2x Packets Baking Chocolate
4-5x Packets Pineapple Lumps – You can use any type of candy
Food Colouring – I used Blue just to colour the cake mixture

Butter Cream Icing:
Icing Sugar – To Taste
Butter – To Taste

1x Balloon Sticks
1 Empty Pineapple Lumps Bag
1x Cake Stand
1x Flat Scrapper to Ice with
2x Round Cake Tins

Follow the instructions on the cake mix box, I cooked both cakes separately but, you can just put them all together. I also made them the night before to ensure they were cool enough to ice.

– Place a small amount of the icing that comes with the boxes in the middle of the cake stand and place the base for the balloon stick along with the stick on top of it.
– Slide the first cake down the middle of the stick and cover it in icing to help the next cake stick, again slide this one down the middle of the stick.
– Use the remaining amount of icing to cover the whole cake so it’s a light layer of icing.
– Place in the fridge for a couple of hours to help it set.
– Make up your butter cream and then spread all over the cake. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t perfect, it gives it that rustic look.
– Melt your chocolate either in a microwave or in a bowl over a pot of boiling water. Make sure to use a glass bowl if you do it over the pot of water.
– Once melted, cover the balloon stick in chocolate sauce, don’t worry if it get’s onto the cake.
– Get your candy and cover the back in sauce and stick to the stick one at time, give it about 1-2mins in-between so it gives the sauce time to thicken.
– Make sure you leave some of the stick bare to go inside the bag
– You can cover half the game with chocolate sauce and place the remaining candy over the sauce to give it that spilling affect which you will see in the photo below.
– With one of the empty bags of candy, fill it with either tissue paper or cotton balls.
– Tape the top of it if you have too so there’s just a small hole for the stick.
– Place the bag on an angle on the stick, make sure it’s in enough so the bag can stand on it’s own.

This cake will go down a treat and everyone will love how it looks!


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